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Networks & Next-Gen Firewall

We can provide and setup small scale networks and firewall protection.

Enterprise firewall protections is no longer the exclusive benefit of large coporations. These products can now be used to protect your internet connected devices at home, as well as your business.

With the increase in a varitey internet enabled devices around the home, we can setup a secure network within your home or business to keep all your devices protected from external threats.  

Encryption & Security

If you keep highly sensitive information on your computers and other internet connected devices, we can advise and install secure encryption software and apps, to keep that information locked away.
We can provide endpoint protection for all devices, protecting them from cyber threats such as virus’s and malware.


We can advise and setup your IOT devices, such as security systems, smart light and temperature controls, in a way that reduces the risk of cyber attacks on those devices. IOT devices can provide “gateways” to your broadband network and may allow attacks on all your computers and other internet connected devices, especially If these IOT devices are not configured securely.


We can setup secure WIFI networks for churches looking to provide internet connections for workers, as well as guest wifi networks for visitors.

Audio Visual

We can provide audio visual services that give you the best value in setting up projectors, display screens, sound mixers and sound equipment. Whatever your budget we can help.

Professional Services

Got an IT project you want to start? Maybe we can help. We can provide bespoke IT systems for projects large or small. Get in touch and tell us about your next project.


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